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In sex, the most valued and sought after place in the human conscience, there is an unknown world. A hidden side. So, knowing this, I had no choice but to go. To get closer.

What are the benefits of fellatio? Why are there women –the White Tigresses- who spend their life practising it and raising it to the level of sacred art? Can anybody refrain from having sex? Is the practice of sex by some professional nurses an effective therapy for the elderly? Can sexual pleasure be improved by injecting collagen into the G spot? Are there design vaginas? These and many other questions are answered in this fascinating book by Valerie Tasso, one of the most internationally renowned writers in Spanish. The book surprises –and, not only that, dazzles and captivates- us from the first to the last page. For this book, the author has reached that other side of sex, which is there only we don’t know, that place we don’t dare to enter. She has travelled to The Kingdom of the Other World –a castle where women control men, whose entrance is totally restricted-, she went with the voyeurs to the Casa de Campo in Madrid, she experienced the “massive, lengthy orgasm”… All this and more in a book that explains how intelligence, love and beauty gather in the darkest sides of the human condition.
The other side of Sex is a wildly improper work –both theoretical and practical-, an uncomfortably intelligent piece of writing, a shockingly elegant book by a libertine author who has a libertarian calling and is, why not, a bit shameless…


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