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To improve her knowledge of the Japanese language, Valérie Tasso decides to enrol at the School of Oriental Languages in Paris. She stays at her friend Mimi’s, a lesbian who hides more than one secret and, within a few days, she meets Pipo, an enigmatic taxi driver who shows her the hidden corners of the most illicit Paris, the Paris that is not shown in guide books. Turned into a reporter –or into a voyeur-, Valérie tells everything she saw and felt during that hot Parisian summer when she lived with intensity nights of passion and desire: sadomasochistic orgies, scenes with prostitutes and transvestites, a sexual reunion at a high society cocktail party... All this will drive her to reconsider her own sexual identity and will create in her a confusion that will gradually grow throughout the book: what mystery Pipo is keeping? If in Diary of a nymphomaniac she openly spoke about her sexual experiences, in Paris la nuit, the author considers a total redefinition of sexes: she suggests that there are no homosexuals or heterosexuals, but people. And all of them are, in the last analysis, bisexuals. She approaches the subject without false modesty or stereotypes in a daring book that surprises and fascinates us, an autobiographical story that is read like a novel and where nothing is what it seems. However, it reveals the privacy of a brave woman, her fears and her desires.


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